Posted by on October 18, 2017

The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation

Urgent Statement about St. Maarten

What an incredible and unfortunate set of circumstances we are currently facing all around the world. Nature is revolting and wants us to listen. As the temperature of the earth rises we are exposed to ever more devastating events and consequences, we all should realize that these events are the emotional equivalent to a war and should have an equivalent response.

But for now circumstances and recovering from the hurricane in St. Maarten will not allow for programs and events that are not directly related to recovery. With that in mind The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation reluctantly and with great sadness will, for the time being, cancel its St. Maarten International Coral Summit.

We will however, now refocus our humanitarian and conservation efforts by being directly involved in the aftermath by raising funds that go directly to the rebuilding of St. Maarten, by way of our partners and on the ground contacts for this effort. We have a clear cut development plan and exit strategy with obtainable goals for this relief effort. Full blown logistical development is a critical component of this program.

WFCRC is approaching agencies to partner with us and to provide matching funds. We are creating a consortium of relief providers called “Relief without Borders” that together will be able to have a larger impact than individual efforts. St. Maarten has long been the focus of our conservation plans and we want to stand by them in this tragedy. We are under negotiations with entities on St. Maarten to provide disaster recovery observations and stakeholder support. We are among the first to send support and will be among the last to leave.

Our partner, The Ocean Guardian specializes in environmental protection and remediation with their 213’ cutter being outfitted with rebuilding materials bound for the Caribbean Islands. Starting with our Vital Oceanic cleanup and recovery, focusing on removing plastics, the mid-water materials and oceanic floor of illegally dumped, downed vessels or toxic materials. Then providing non-l