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 I am Captain Sean Keenan! I grew up in a small beach town in Florida called Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach is a place where life revolves around the ocean. My love for the ocean began when my grandmother first took me swimming at the beach. She pulled me out further and further through the foamy swirls of sand, under the rolling swells and beyond the crashing of waves of the sand bar. Once in the cool blue serenity off the coastline, she would state her one rule. “No touching the bottom, that’s not swimming” she would say. As I laid back in the ocean, the saltwater raised my belly to the surface, and the water surrounded my face just up past my ears, delivering me into the the quiet peace that only mother ocean can give. This is when I decided this was a place for me; a magical element, the great ocean. After that I began surfing, riding mother oceans waves and competing with my family around the country. Chasing massive waves down the coast, I searched for the unleashed potential of this epic force. What I found in Florida, California, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, and countless others was nothing short of amazing. The more I searched the more I fell in love with the beautifully fierce power of the oceans. Some days the waves were large enough to rattle your bones, other days she was calm enough to lull you to sleep. Days where all of my human needs from food to healing were met solely by the ocean. As an active angler I am regularly provided meals from our ocean. I spearfish, conventional fish, and harvest by hand on a regular basis. After moving to South Florida, these practices have become a regular part of my lifestyle. As a full-time Towboat Captain, the Ocean takes care of me and my family, providing me with a paycheck and livelihood. For me the Ocean is not just a convenient part of life, it is life. Such a beautiful and valuable element which so many families depend on should be protected at all costs. Especially when it is under attack. Pollution has waged a war on mother ocean and she can’t defend herself. My eyes were opened when I moved to South Florida and I saw the number of plastics and pollutants flowing down our rivers, on our beaches, and into our Ocean. The ocean can’t defend itself, this I have realized. There has to be change and the solution is the problem, us. It’s not really any one person’s fault the ocean is suffering from so much pollution, but it is all of our responsibilities to find a solution. My solution began with joining WFCRC to get with like- minded people as we take on the crisis of a generation. By raising awareness, funding operations, combined with hands-on hard work and dedicated energy we will take control of the situation. We have a full blown attack plan for our efforts to save the ocean. Thank you for your support in visiting our site, every donation no matter how big or small gets us one step closer to winning the war on trash! Our ocean is a limited resource that effects everyone you know. Thank you for your support as we tend to the duty our oceans!

One day at a time we will continue to fight for our oceans!


                                         Captain Sean Keenan