Kevin Yu/Web Developer

Kevin has always adopted technology that empowers, especially when we can use technology to effect change in the environment. Whether designing cloud experiences for non-profits and larger organizations like HP, or reaching out to potential WFCRC partners via LinkedIN, Kevin is constantly using his experience for good.

Although he is by trade a land-lubber, he is much aware of the destruction of our oceans in the past decades, especially the reduction of 90% of large fish and emergence of dead-zones in the coral reefs around the world.

Before Kevin joined the conservation efforts at WFCRC he helped large non-profits transition their websites to Web 2.0 and also move them from HTML4 to HTML5. He also works with ReactJS, PHP, ASP, and is a contributor to several  open-source projects on Github. Mr. Yu graduated from the University of Houston in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and a minor in Technology Leadership & Supervision.

Kevin has also had several thousands of hours of project marketing and management experience with web intranets. WFCRC has retained his knowledge along with another mobile developer to launch a geo-portal that is serving as a research hub for scientists, explorers, the public, and communities seeking disaster recovery expertise.

In the near future, Kevin will assist with re-developing the WFCRC website to launch for Desktop and native mobile. He envisions a future where mankind will help the ocean recover and repopulate its natural wonders with the aid of local communities, governments, and in conjunction with other non-profits like Mission Blue and the UN SDG effort.

His other passions include cars, comic books and social media.