Tiffany Babcock/Marine Biologist

My love and passion for coral reefs was developed growing up traveling to numerous islands throughout the Caribbean. My family would spend a month every year at an island snorkeling and diving. Throughout the years, I noticed the coral reefs were changing and wanted to learn more about what was causing the decline in our pristine coral reefs. I went to Texas A&M University-Galveston to achieve my B.S. in marine biology. I participated in an Advanced Scuba and Marine Ecology Field Research Methods Course through the CIEE Research Station on the island of Bonaire in which I earned my rescue diving certification.

From there, I moved to Florida to achieve my M.S. in marine biology at Nova Southeastern University-Oceanographic where I focused on the application of forest restoration methods to coral reef restoration.

I now teach Life Science and Ocean Exploration at New River Middle School, a Magnet Marine Science middle school in South Florida. I am focused on building personable relationships with my students to encourage them to take an active role in their learning via accountability, inquiry, and expression. I have learned that it is not only my duty to teach students required material but also to make connections to real-world phenomenon. I aim to expose students to marine-related topics and inspire them to appreciate their marine environments through project-based learning. It truly amazes me to see students learn about an environment in which they have never been exposed to or had prior knowledge of.