Posted by on July 16, 2017

The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC) has, over the past ten years researched, held town hall meetings, and have consulted with stake holders and experts in coral reef conservation to create eight programs that focus on procedures for coral reefs that will minimize mans impact on sensitive ocean environments, in real time. We focus current issues and not tomorrow issues, we want to see change in years not lifetimes.

The R.E.E.F.S (Research Enhancement Engineering for Seascapes) Program is a global partnership supported by Mission Blue, The Living Ocean Foundation et al, local stakeholders, marine biologists, coral experts and MPA mangers in project locations to address key monitoring knowledge gaps in our understanding and sharing the science behind a need for immediate action and 1st response plans. These issues require site specific attention in order to maintain current levels of a reef presence and to prevent future decline and need to be executed in the necessary time frame. 

The need to provide this information for decision-makers to promote needed actions for sustainable reef conservation is now and is necessary to advance the understanding, use and conservation of coral reefs through an integrated program of excellence in data gathering/sharing, education, and outreach built upon active and long term partnerships with divers, conservationist, the science community and local island governments. To share this information on a broad spectrum will give decision makers the knowledge necessary to make better data driven decisions. 

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