AnaMaree Barnes/Marine Biologist

I’ve spent most of my life near the ocean, primarily in Okinawa, Japan and Florida. I have always loved the water and been fascinated by animals and nature. I enjoy creating and maintaining salt water reef and fish aquariums and have owned aquariums as large as 125 gallons. Growing up I did a great deal of snorkeling and I became a certified SCUBA diver while attending the University of West Florida where I received my Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology and Molecular Biology.

After graduating college, a few friends and I began working on building a company called Energy Marine Consortium (EMC) with a primary focus on marine work such as marine identification, site mapping, underwater surveying and archeology. We have now completed various state and federal projects/contracts. The work EMC does surveying and photographing parks, not only helps determine what species are currently living in the park, but the population size as well. With this information, the park can track the loss/decline of coral reefs, fish and other species. The above pictures are from a project in Key Largo, FL. EMC is currently communicating and working with state parks and multiple research and conservation organizations, so that we can continue to do more conservation work. EMC now has the staff to do a variety of work including, site planning, permitting, 3D scanning, survey, and CAD designs as well as negotiate surface & mineral acquisition, right-of-way agreements, conduct title research, and more. It is our goal to eventually have EMC and WFCRC collaborate on conservation projects.

I also currently work at Iofina Resources, Inc. A company with the primary focus of extracting iodine from the waste water produced from oil and gas wells. I’m an analyst and manage all land and regulatory work. I have a long list of job duties including working with project managers from other companies to coordinate leasing and survey projects; communicating with, gathering/submitting information/reports and acquiring permits from regulatory agencies such as the DEA, Homeland Security, EPA, BLM, DNRC and other agencies; creating and managing detailed spreadsheets to calculate and pay all iodine royalties and rental payments including shut-in, weed, and surface agreement payments; communicating with attorneys to help with unitization, transferring patents and other legal issues. I also help with various tasks such as surface and mineral leasing, title research, ownership changes, and collecting water samples from wells to test iodine concentrations. My previous job at Noble Energy, Inc. working as a Division Order Specialist and my Field Landman Training Certification helped prepare me for a lot of the work I do now.

Since my early teens I have also worked as an independent professional model. Representing myself I have been in charge of scheduling appointments and meetings, travel planning and location reservation as well as monetary management and monetary negotiations for a number of projects and events in demanding and competitive environments. I have modeled for photography/modeling workshops, print work, runway, and commercials. I have also done promotional work for businesses, events and charities. I have worked with various companies and groups including Karma International, LLC, a private social group who has hosted events that have raised money for various non-profit organizations such as the wounded warrior project as well as many others. I have also been a part of several Links and Laces Golf Tour events, an international golf tour that raises money at all their events to benefit local charities. I continue to model when I have time or when an event comes up that gives back to the community or a non-profit organization.

I spend most of my time in Colorado these days but I travel often, especially back to Florida. I have visited many places in the states and around the world. Growing up I was involved in many marine related activities, trips and summer camps in places such as Japan, Guam, Hawaii and Florida. I made trips in college to the FL Keys and Costa Rica to study marine species, ecology and environmental science. Locally I have started following and attending some of the educational and fundraising events held by the Colorado Ocean Coalition a project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization.

I feel that it is very important that we start putting together more programs and projects around the world to preserve the Ocean and everything in it before it is too late because the survival of marine life and our survival are parallel. That is why I support and am involved with the World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC).