Director of Engagement

Chelsea Keenan is a marketing powerhouse. She possesses a fierce, creative and precise craft in digital marketing, branding and analytics, one she has fine-tuned in the last decade. Chelsea strategizes her plan of attack for each project from all angles and from a worldly view — seriously, she studied international business abroad in 13 countries while circumnavigating the globe. Recruited right out of school by Paige Hospitality in New York City, her accomplishments include: building the digital presence for Paige’s four flagship brands from the ground up, leading the internal marketing infrastructure development and brand expansion for eight location, constructing and executing plans for the merger and acquisition of 14 locations, assisting in a overall 500 percent company value growth through her marketing tactics and more. Chelsea currently leads the Marketing team at the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry’s largest trade media company, Foodable Network, overseeing all marketing initiatives, distribution and sales strategy, client success, major events and network development.

Chelsea has also executed major event marketing and strategic partnerships for annual pop-ups, for Sundance Film Festival, NFL Draft, Super Bowl and Southampton Charity Poker. She has dedicated much of her spare time to non-profits work including Toys for Tots, American Disabilities Foundation and various ocean conservation initiatives. Outside of marketing, she was a professional athlete and competitive surfer, which sparked her interest in brand marketing and where she served as brand ambassador for Rusty International for four years, and is passionate about fishing and ocean conservation volunteer work which led her to WFCRC.