Ocean Ambassador

Current – 2005 Audio Visual Conservation Awareness

AVCA is my semi-retirement “Give Back” storytelling effort.  As the founder I continue honing my skill as in video journalism.  I also act the multimedia technical guide for this virtual team of concerned global environmental citizen scientists.  For the last 30 years I have applied my computer experience knowledge to create interactive multimedia communication skills for noble purposes for the future mankind and the planet.  I have one goal, using every available bit of time and skills to assist dedicated scientists; whose project are intended to improve public eco awareness and result in a positive public eco response.  I firmly believe a fully informed public will “Do the Right Thing”.  AVCA’s team firmly believes we can make a difference for our ONE PLANET ONE OCEAN.  Cousteau taught us 50+ years ago, “People protect what they LOVE”.  My observations are effective compelling storytelling creates OCEAN LOVE.

Current – 2000 Ocean Ambassador

Mission Blue Project, 100+ Ocean Hope Spots where a coalition of 250+ Ocean organizations are combining their conservation efforts for a sustainable Ocean.  Hope spots are defined as having an abundance or diversity of rare, threatened or endemic species, with hope of reversing negative human impacts, they are major migration and spawning grounds, with significant historical, cultural or spiritual values and important economic for local and global communities.  In Feb. 2017 I was accepted as one of 600+ Ocean Ambassadors to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Ocean Conference (SDG14).  Our group has held several UN live and webcast meetings in preparation for June 8th Ocean Day, 2017 when a global Ocean “Call to Action” effort will occur.

Current – 2015 World Federation Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC)

This is my boots on the ground work in the Caribbean and Bismarck Seas.  WFCRC mission is to advance the understanding, use and conservation of coral reefs and coastal environments.  WFCRC teams are gathering and sharing eco science data with local and global ocean stakeholder.  Our team is comprised of educational partnerships of concerned citizen science divers, multi-disciplined scientists, conservationist that are connected to the entire eco science community.  Our primary goals are enhancing and empowering local island governments and stakeholders to use the “Blue Economy” to sustainably protect their vital limited marine resources.

Current – 2004 Mahonia Na Dari (Guardians of the Sea) (MND)

As co-leader to West New Britain Papua New Guinea and after three 30 day marine eco science expeditions I continue to support the creation of several Marine Protected Areas’ (MPA).  Mahonia is a local and extremely critical eco group right in the heart of the Bismarck Sea.  The local mission here is to understand and conserve the “Blue Economy” and natural environments of Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the benefit of present and future generations.

Current – 2000 NOAA: Gulf of Mexico Flower Gardens

I work with A&M scientists who support NOAA’s efforts to promote responsible, sustainable ocean uses that ensure the health of our most valued ocean places. the National Marine Sanctuaries Act, provides government support allowing sanctuaries seek to preserve the extraordinary scenic beauty, biodiversity, historical connections and economic productivity of our most precious underwater treasures to strengthen our nation now and for future generations.

Current – 2000 Swim for the Reef Aquatic Sports Cozumel, Mexico

I have been helping Swim For The Reef and Aquatic Sports Expeditions with their mission to engage their divers to become active eco participants in the health of the magnificent Cozumel reefs of the western Caribbean Sea.   Through active participation with the Coral Reef Alliance, Mexico’s National Marine Park education program, and the international science education organization, Swim For The Reef, demonstrates the importance of the “Blue Economy” of the reefs of Cozumel and the northern end of the Mesoamerican barrier reef.

Current – 2000 Spring Lake Meadows Center for Water and Environment, San Marco, TX

I continue to volunteer my skills as a video journalist and science diver at the Center to assist with aqua science and public awareness of the importance of the 4,300 liters per second collection of 200 fresh water springs and early home of Clovis man.  The Center strives to inspire research and leadership to ensure clean, abundant water for the environment and all humanity via Research, Education, Stewardship, and Leadership.

1990 – 2005 Founder of AVCA

My second start up company, based in Austin TX.  Here the AVCA team were definitely the multimedia tech pioneers of Austin.  This is where I honed my skills as an interactive storyteller, developing interactive multimedia applications so Fortune 500 company subject matter experts could more effectively convince buyers to purchase their latest and greatest high tech products.  In 1993 this pioneering spirit led me to be one of three individuals responsible for the genesis of SXSW interactive (1993-95 SXSW Multimedia).  SXSW is the undisputed largest gathering of the global geeks.  The geeks continue to push the limits and use of the latest technologies.  My proudest feelings came with two SX spinoff events; SXSWedu for global educators and SXSWeco the gather of global green economists.  My exposure to best of breed eco technology is quickly shared with every eco group I am involved with.

1985 to 1980 On Line Computer retail store

This was my first startup venture.  I attribute this career choice as a natural result of my childhood, a curious exploration mind always seeking future tech investigations.  My biochemist success with Abbott laboratories led me to cash in my life savings to open a retail computer store.  There were about 300 but it quickly exploded to 17,000 US stores.  Based on my other university major computers and past Hospital laboratory experiences it was obvious to me computers were the future.  They were more than game playing devices.  I always viewed this technology as the best potential tool for mass education of any topic.  Thankfully the success of this startup funded my quest to “GIVE BACK”

1980 – 1972 Abbott Laboratories Diagnostic Division

As a hospital bio-chemist I applied my other college major, computers.  Quickly the hospital laboratory went from manual testing methods to an explosion of new automated diagnostic testing methods.  Our team of 6 grew to a division rapidly expanded to over 3,000 lab chemists.  This opportunity allowed me to lead a team as we expanded to western Europe and the S. Pacific.  This is where I really got exposed to the science of the Ocean.  While working in Australia I learned to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, using my video camera to observe sharks in 1986.  I ultimately returned in 2000 to revisit my first dives.  I was one of the saddest days in my life.  I was not prepared at the shocked on these wonderful marine habitats and the reef destruction caused by humans.  This was my life changing moment.  As scientists I had to do something to jumping up and down proclaiming “We have a real serious global problem!!!”  I have not stopped.

1963-1972 University of New Mexico, School of Medicine Biochemist, Medical Technologist

University and various hospital roles led me to join a fortune 500 Medial company Abbott Laboratories.  It was also during this time as intern for Biology professor I was task to investigate the mystery of local farmer’s pond life dying.  To think about 40 years ago our little project discovered CO2, pH and O2 levels added to over fertilization and pesticides were the root of their pond death.   How ironic that now our ONE OCEAN suffers this same future unless we reverse current human behaviors.

1963 – 1949 the formative years

I’m the son of Air Force Sgt. and avid fisherman (my water gene) and mom my guiding angel a super talented Porcelain Artist (my creative gene).  Dad’s high tech career, even building our first TV (my tech gene) meant my three sisters and I moved 20 times before I graduated from High School.  Dad didn’t do family vacations we went fishing.  At five I caught my first shark.  When fishing I was always exploring the banks of the river, lake or pond wondering around observing water critters.  My folks taught me one vital life lesson; “You can do anything if you put your mind to it” attitude plus providing a set of encyclopedias, National Geographic subscription, and exposure to Jacques Cousteau, Sylvia Earle, Albert Einstein, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, Superman and Walt Disney thankfully formed my exploring scientists mindset to “GIVE BACK for GOOD”