Rami Ghali is passionate about meeting new people from different walks of life. Rami has been working as GIS Developer since 2009 and he has an extensive knowledge in developing Geospatial software solutions using Esri’ technologies. This includes desktop, web, and mobile technologies.

Rami was born in Al-Fayoum, Egypt in 1985. He studied Computer Science and Information System and in 2008 he made a diploma in Geographic Information System.

In July 2009, Rami started his career as a GIS Developer where he joined Esri Northeast Africa, Egypt. He worked in different countries including Egypt, Bahrain, and Kuwait where he has gained solid technical and life experiences.

Currently Rami works for Openware, Esri Official Distributor in Kuwait. He is working on a project for Kuwait Oil Company where he support the data management team with essential Geoprocessing tools and ArcMap Add-Ins.

I began working with The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation to develop a citizen scientist mobile application for tracking and observations of coral reefs, coastal areas and other marine issues is a GIS data format.