About Vic Ferguson

Vic Ferguson/Founder & Executive Director

I have always been an Earth scientist, I just did not realize it. In my youth I was intrigued by our oceans and questioned the logic behind our using the ocean as a dumping ground. I thought that someday we might not be able to clean up our mess. It was always a mystery to me. I think that day was in sight and that we need to reverse our thinking to become the solution rather than the problem.

As we disposed of radioactive, chemical, biological agents and other unknown compounds in our oceans, we seemed to think the oceans of the world were a never ending, bottomless dumping ground that could take anything we dumped in them.

As a certified diver for over 40 years I have had wonderful experiences in the world’s oceans and have always felt that the ocean was just part of my home. I am so comfortable in the water……a water baby.

These are the issues that have developed and focused my attention on giving back and doing what I can with the very unique view of coral reef conservation that I have. The results of these thoughts have been the creation of The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC) an international 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation that is fully engaged in coral reef and coastal conservation programs and holistic approaches to coastal change management in underserved and developing nations around the world. As a believer in evidence based science I also believe that long-term conservation efforts and calibration are essential to the survivability of our marine treasures; however, if we do not address the current and present manmade threats we will not have anything to pass on to future generations.

With my earth/marine science and geo-science environmental background, I have gathered, processed and marketed geophysical and geochemical data around the world. I have spent time in both upstream and downstream oil and gas exploration/production, both onshore and offshore, domestically and internationally. I have lived and worked in many locations in the US and around the world.

While at Braniff International Airlines in Dallas, a US flag carrier, I gathered and prepared approach procedures and flight patterns for every major and alternate airport in the Latin America Operation.

Obstruction and communications information was gathered while in every country in South America and I published it in the “Notice to All Airmen” (NOTAM).

In Bangladesh and Thailand I gathered seismic data for over six years, I was the freight forwarding agent for customs issues and the shipment of instruments, supplies, and personnel to remote sites in the jungle and coastal regions. All operations were helicopter supported.  I was a courier for seismic magnetic data tapes to be delivered to processing centers in Thailand and Houston. As the observer for land, marine and transition area operations we gathered over 15,000 kilometers of 2d data in the Bay of Bengal and 10,000 kilometers of 2d data in the Bay of Siam.

As a geologist, and database administrator/explorationist for Chevron USA in Houston, I had the opportunity to develop and populate large databases for a large earth science user group.  While in Ventura, CA I ran the remote drilling data room and disseminated all digital data to partners and tech groups.  I provided logistics for field trips to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska that was fixed wing, helicopter and truck supported; and produced all of the video for both land and air operations in addition to being one of 12 people that Chevron gave gun training to for security while on the field trips.

My GIS and geodesy experience was developed while at Chevron as well as gathering data worldwide. I am a current ArcMap 10.2.2, Canvas, Zmap, and DI user, along with MS Office products, most graphic and most mapping packages, and am now developing a Cloud based “Coastal Network” to be viewed by Google Maps and/or ArcMap on my geo portal and digital library based on location. Our Facebook page highlights some of the issues I am involved in. I have also published articles in GeoExPro, New Zealand Surfer, and AAPG Explorer.

Contract and damage negotiations, land acquisitions and developing network connections, have been a large part of my efforts over the past nine years as a Right of Way Agent in several location in the US. This has given me an opportunity to hone my skills in working with people and organizations to obtain favorable land positions.

I have worked with various government agencies for permits and NGO Status, Environmental Impact Studies and due diligence, for projects domestically and internationally, that require negotiation and a high degree of effective communications. I am developing project locations in Tanzania, Kenya, St. Maarten and The Cook Islands that utilize programs I have developed, such as “The Best Practice for Oil Spill Cleanup” and “R.E.E.F.S. (Reef Enhancement Engineering for Seascapes), The Coastal Protection Master Plan (CPMP) and The Coral Reef Mapping Tool that is built around a GIS data base and that embeds ecosystem services into stakeholder-driven planning processes.

By following guidelines outlined by the United Nations Ocean Conference Sustainable Goal 14 and 17 we are reaching out for collaboration in an effort to change how we administer to our oceans and have created The Caribbean Ring of Hope Sites. Over the past several years I have continued to hone by skills and gathered data necessary to compile WFCRC’s web site (www.wfcrc.org) and mobile applications for sharing what we know about coral reef and costal conservation.

I have participated in diving and recovery operations and clean ups in numerous environmentally sensitive coastal regions. My open water certification was obtained in 1966 and I have many years of experience observing marine events and coral communities.

As the executive director of The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation for over 10 years, I now have been challenged to put my words into actions. As I work with people in so many parts of the world, I am reminded of how different we all are, and how much we are the same.