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The geo-portal exists to foster an environment of collaboration among agencies around the world, for standardization of data gathered and for concerns that effect reefs worldwide, Citizen Scientists, local governments and local stakeholders.

Document Gallery is a collection of research, announcements, and specifications of coral reef preservation around the world.

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Media Gallery is a collection of videos, photos, and visuals showing the examples of the areas we help protect.

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Interactive ocean maps are updated on a periodic basis showing points of interest, disasters, man made events, and changes in ocean state.

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We empower first response teams with our proven processes, disaster aid, safety and recovery protocols in order to protect and sustain marine life in the case of adverse ocean events.

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Thinking Globally Panel – As we proceed to identify and standardize threats to coral reef we have seen how the items listed below are of great importance to reefs worldwide.

The Citizen Observations page will launch in Fall of 2017


The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC) was developed in 2008 as a volunteer, community based monitoring protocol designed to measure the health of coral reefs on a global scale. WFCRC is developing the following goals:

  • To foster an environment of collaboration among agencies around the world, for standardization of data gathered and for concerns that effect reefs worldwide, Citizen Scientists, local governments and local stakeholders.
  • To create awareness by education through an outreach program to reach current consumers of ocean resources and future consumers.
  • To create a global GIS dashboard and database with data from a network of volunteer citizen scientists that regularly monitor and report on reef health.
  • To involve local community action to create requirements for re-zoning parcels that could affect downhill geology and/or agricultural runoff that may negatively affect or even kill reefs in proximity by using ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions.


With this effort of designing a Service-Oriented Spatial Data Infrastructures, we highlight a strategy for utilizing spatial data more effectively, as it pertains to reef decline.

We have developed a step procedure or workflow for identifying how sharing data between all groups is essential for making informed decisions about the decline of the worlds coral reefs. Not only sharing but the ability to find pertinent information in a single source and in a rational and easy avenue for non-professionals is essential for continued use.  To reach even a larger population we will also create and offer links, syndications and feeds to libraries throughout the world.

WFCRC is a strong advocate of creating an environment of collaboration and participation on a very personal level for a very long term. This is a departure from the norm. Collaboration is a very distinctive aspect when it is fully realized and when it is broadly implemented. We recognize the need to bring these disciplines together to foster teamwork and share knowledge and experience. For many years outstanding work has been provided by renowned scientists. This is where the disconnect has occurred. No effort to involve divers for long term association has ever been made.  It is only logical to build on that expertiece and involve divers for the long term. This is where the driving force occurs. We recognize the value and the amount of truly unique experience possessed by a currently untapped source of interested people. We encourage feedback and new ideas for working together for a common goal: equal rights for ocean coral reefs. As we collect letters of endorsement and members joining our project we are identifying a strong support for the effort.

WFCRC is requesting participation in a grass roots effort to contact divers and conservationist throughout the world. We are assembling a massive effort to present a truly unique opportunity for divers, etc, to be a team member of a concerned group of people that want to be “really involved” in reef decline management.  As a team member, divers and their efforts will be associated with this project into infinity, making dives legendary. By keeping the data gathered by divers in the public’s eye, it’s not as likely to be overlooked, as the resource is not visible to most people and is often over looked.

We are a completely paperless effort.  Our business environmental effort is to have the smallest footprint and make the largest impact. All of our contact with team members will be via email. So our effort will be to create strategic  alliances’ with agencies like NOAA, World Resources Inc, Seas, Reef Relief, DAN, dive shops, universities research groups and anyone involved is providing diving excursions or aquatic research. With collaboration between these groups effective monitoring sites can be identified for study, data gathering and mitigating coral reef decline.