These are a few reasons why we should try to raise awareness about coral reef health and staying prepared for an oil spill. And why we share the information we have with developing countries throughout the world.

Night Dive

In this video, a dolphin seeks out a diver to assist in the removal of fishing line he’s caught himself in.

Pygmy Seahorse

In this video we find one of the smallest vertabrates in the world. There are currently 9 known species, but surely there will be more discoveries to come, if we protect them now!

Maria Olenstag

This beautiful child in the dawn of her life is fighting a battle that depends on the drug Ara-C, the backbone of chemotherapy for leukemia and lymphoma. Not to mention this important find.



Hubert Matte
Mr. Matte has been fighting Alzheimers for the past five years. While there is yet no known cure, scientists are finding compounds in sea sponges that may slow down the degeneration of neuroreceptors.