WFCRC is developing and managing a global network of reporting stations in coastal and key coral reef areas. WFCRC provides all reporting stations with Emergency Reporting Documents (ERDs), requesting information about the severity of the incident (scale), location, responsible party, etc. The reporting station then emails the ERD to WFCRC.

Reporting stations around the world report any local incidents which might impact the coral reefs in their area or in the surrounding region. WFCRC is then able to provide this reporting station with the WFCRC Best Practices so that they may respond in an effective and timely manner to the incident.

The ERD is then converted into a WFCRC Coral Alert Notification, which shares incident information, if necessary, with other reporting stations in the area. Simultaneously, an alert notification is also sent out to all affiliated cleanup vendors (also incentivizing them to become members of our program and support our efforts).

Reporting stations or any interested party can use the program’s website to access WFCRC Best Practices, other incidents reported, and participate in discussion forums or get in contact with other reporting stations in the area or cleanup vendors.